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Good paying jobs and affordable housing go hand in hand.

Charlotte has created tens of thousands of jobs over the past decade, in large part because of all of the things that are going right in our city. We shouldn’t throw a wrench in the parts of our policy that are working, because in spite of all of the problems that come with being a growing, dynamic city, the alternative - stagnation - is worse.

However, not all of Charlotte is working for all of our residents. We still have an economic mobility issue. Many of the great jobs being created in emerging industries are being filled by people from outside Charlotte - as a local CEO, I’ve had to look outside Charlotte to find the right people for my technology company. We have to work with our other local government partners - the county, the school system, and others - to make sure our younger generations can fill the jobs that are being created in Charlotte today.

We also have to make sure our investments are targeted to create jobs and opportunity where they’re needed most. With some small changes, we can make our transit system more effective, and cut 30 minutes off of the average trip. We can work with our economic development leaders to bring educational and health institutions to Charlotte - institutions that are resilient job creators in any economic climate. Our investments in opportunity cost less than the problems these investments prevent, so let’s start now.

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