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Transit is a key to long-term city success.

For Charlotte to be a truly great city we must have a robust transit system that can get us anywhere in the city within an hour. We shouldn't wait on projects that will be game-changers for our city. My plan puts money in our next budget to fund the plan to reduce transit commutes from an average of 90 minutes to under an hour.

I'll champion the Silver Line light rail from the Airport to Uptown to East Charlotte & Matthews. We can’t create jobs and solve our economic mobility crisis without accessible transit to the rest of the city. Everyone in Charlotte deserves access to jobs in every part of the city - and that requires a healthy, effective transportation system.

In addition to transit, we have to address traffic. We have to do more to consider traffic as our city grows - and we have to make sure that we’re not making Charlotte a worse place to live. It costs thousands of dollars a year to own a vehicle in Charlotte, so if you make that choice you deserve to get your money’s worth. If you don’t make the choice to use a vehicle, our transportation system should work for you as well.

Finally, the way we build our roads, sidewalks, and mass transit has a lot to do with how much our city contributes to climate change. We need to make sure our transportation planning includes our approach to reducing carbon emissions and making Charlotte more resilient to climate change, especially in our most vulnerable neighborhoods.

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